Precision pneumatic chucks for metrology


With the PSF series, Koch Maschinenbau presents an exceptional pneumatic chuck with numerous innovative features especially for metrology:


  • Repeatability of 5µm, runout ≤20µm (chuck only, without rotary union or other additional adaptation).
  • Completely made of stainless steel or stainless materials
  • Low clamping forces for clamping without the risk of damaging the part
  • The clamping range can be preset with only one screw. This allows clamping without individual jaws.
  • Due to the reversible jaws, flexible clamping of shafts and in bores is possible.

Exceptional features

technical data

property specification
operating medium Compressed air, unlubricated, according to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
operating pressure 6bar
pneumatic connection M5
weight 2kg
ambient temperature +10 ... +50°C
stroke of jaws radial

stroke of jaws radial 1,33mm, (≙2,66mm in diameter)



stroke of jaws radial 1,33mm, (≙2,66mm in diameter) position of jaws can be preset to 0.08mm
material stainless steel
repeatability ≤5µm
concentricity ≤20µm

clamping range
i1 20 - 60
i2 40 - 80
i3 60 - 100
a1 1 - 40
a2 28 - 60
a3 48 - 80
a4 68 - 100
s 4,5
The values given relate to the range in which the accuracy is guaranteed. It may be possible to clamp larger workpieces.


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