Precision clamping chucks

special chucks

The chucks can be customized and a number of different varieties can be manufactured. We will develop a concept on the basis of your requirements.


All chucks can be manufactured with fixtures according to your requirements. A large number of types of adapters have already been designed and manufactured, for example:


  • Cylindrical adapters for different diameters
  • Morse taper adapters (MK1, MK2, MK3, etc.)
  • Fixtures for zero point clamping systems:
    • Hirschmann PrisFix
    • Erowa
    • System 3R
  • Flanges for various spindles and rotary tables
  • Base plates for flat support on measuring tables
  • and much more...


Special jaws can be manufactured individually based upon your requirements. The jaws can be made out of different materials such as aluminum, bronze or high strength plastic PEEK.

chuck body

Our chuck bodies can be modified in a variety of ways:


  • Holes in the chuck body
  • specially ground measuring surfaces
  • covers and adjustment limits


In addition to our standard 3-jaw chucks, various special types have already been built: 


  • 2-jaw chucks
  • 4-jaw chucks
  • 5-jaw chucks
  • 6-jaw chucks


Our chuck bodies can be made of different materials:


  • high-strength aluminum for weight reduction
  • special stainless steel alloys for extra low magnetism (1.4429 ESU)
  • special stainless steel alloys for chemical resistance


All chucks can also be manufactured with special markings, such as your customer logo. The inscription is lasered by us and can be carried out either as engraving with material removal or as tempering inscription with very low throw-up.

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