rotary union for pneumatic chuck


With the DDP100 rotating union, compressed air can be transmitted to the PSF100 pneumatic chuck on 2 channels (opening / closing) during an endless rotary movement. Unlike conventional rotating unions, the basic body of the DDP series is made of one piece and precisely ground. This ensures that the concentricity of the chuck is not unnecessarily affected. The rotating union is also especially smooth-running and thus well suited for the use on measuring machines.

technical data

Property Specification
operating medium compressed air unlubricated, acc. to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
working pressure 6bar
pneumatic connection M5
weight 1,65kg
ambient temperature +10 ... +50°C
maximum speed 125 min-1
material stainless steel / aluminum / high performance plastic
number of channels 2
breakaway torque* 2 Nm (at 6bar on one channel)
continuous torque* 1 Nm (at 6bar on one channel)


* The value depends on humidity, temperature, etc. and is therefore subject to variations.

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